Abuse prevention begins in toddlerhood.

When I share with parents about my work in abuse prevention, I’m usually met with a heavy sigh and the confession: “I’ve worried about puberty and relationships since my son/daughter with Down syndrome was born!”  

I feel the same way. And there are some great resources addressing puberty and sexuality for young adults with intellectual disabilities. But I’m here to encourage parents to address healthy body boundaries and to keep kids safe BEFORE puberty. Abuse prevention actually starts in toddlerhood! 

Preventing sexual abuse means adopting a mindset that helps guide the decisions you make in everyday life. It involves educating yourself on the risk factors that make a child more vulnerable to abuse and then trusting your instincts when it comes to setting and reinforcing boundaries. The foundations we set in early childhood will help our children navigate healthy relationships later in life!

Understand the Risk Factors.

Learn these 7 Strategies to Prevent Sexual Abuse.

Here are Resources to give you confidence!

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